About us


We pride ourselves with 47 years of experience in producing and supplying raw materials and food products. We thank our suppliers and customers for our success and position in the fish industry today by being present in several countries and participating actively in all phases of fish production. Our customers benefit from our market knowledge, network, experience and passion for the seafood.

Honest products

We have the experience and well selected connections to supply quality seafood products according to any specifications respecting the environment and the people we are working with. Our offers are competitive and the prices are fair making sure that our customers are satisfied at their end. We set our focus on delivering high quality products.


At Liderfil Group we’re passionate about creating innovative and high-quality seafood products that are environmentally and socially conscious. Our philosophy is founded on mutual trust and respect between our suppliers, associates and customers. We are looking for people who are interested in joining a dynamic and growing team of passionate seafood professionals.

Long-term relationships

Our vision is to promote integrity by means of transparency and honesty. We attend the seafood exhibitions to create and maintain customer relationships. We aim for long-term business relationships that end up in good friendships. When working with Liderfil Group our goal is to not only work for you, but also with you.


Full Service

Global Network

Benefit from our worldwide network. Become a partner or a client.


One of the most important factors. Always fresh, always on time.


We work with certified products. We provide top quality seafood.

Product Packaging

From design to production, we develop custom made brands tailored to your needs.

Quality Control

We work on continuous quality improvement and produce in accordance with the most strict health, safety and environmental regulations.


Liderfil Group specializes in sales, with a focus on high standards combined with competitive prices.